The Birth Debrief: Reflecting on pregnancy, reframing birth, redefining post-partum

by Illiyin Morrison


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Whether your birth plan got thrown out of the window or the birth was straightforward on paper, childbirth and early parenthood are some of the most transformational experiences you can ever undertake, and yet so often we aren't afforded the time and space to reflect and reframe those experiences. The Birth Debrief is here to help.

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The Birth Debrief, with Illiyin Morrison

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When we talk about pelvic floor problems after childbirth, you can't escape the fact that many women don't get the birth they wanted or signed up for. A difficult experience can leave you feeling distressed, anxious or traumatised, but how often do you really get to reflect on what happened? And might it be something worth exploring?

Illiyin Morrison is a birth trauma specialist midwife and a birth debrief facilitator. Illiyin supports women to overcome a difficult perinatal experience - whether that's pregnancy, birth or postpartum. She's the author of The Birth Debrief and a mum-of-two, who you might know from Instagram as @mixing.up.motherhood.

In this episode, Helen and Illiyin discuss what we mean by a birth debrief, who it's for and why it may - or may not - be a useful tool. They talk about how we define trauma, how we begin to pick up the pieces, and how sometimes feeling heard is enough.

You can find Illiyin's book, The Birth Debrief: Reflecting on pregnancy, reframing birth, redefining post-partum, here

You can find Illiyin's website here

For more support with birth trauma check out:
  • The Birth Trauma Association - UK charity that supports women who suffer birth trauma
  • Make Birth Better - Collective of parents and professionals working to end the suffering from birth trauma
  • MASIC - Charity for mothers with anal sphincter injuries in childbirth
You can find further resources for pelvic floor dysfunction here

In a previous episode, Helen discussed the mental health implications of pelvic floor dysfunction with perinatal psychiatrist, Dr Rebecca Moore. You can listen here.

This episode is from Series 5 of Why Mums Don't Jump

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