Why Mums Don't Jump

Busting taboos about leaks & lumps after childbirth. A kick ass podcast about pelvic pain, prolapse and incontinence.

Why Mum's Don't Jump the Podcast - Women interested in pelvic health

The podcast

  • Jan's Story

    Helen chats to Dr Jan Russell, a listener with a prolapse, a coach, a grandmother, an author and, in her own words, 'a feisty old crone'. Jan talks about pelvic organ prolapse after menopause, the shock of finding out the day before her 60th birthday and learning how to manage it all with good humour.
  • Having Another Baby After Prolapse

    Having another baby when you have pelvic organ prolapse. There are just so many unknowns. Will pregnancy make your prolapse worse? Would it be better to have a caesarian? Helen speaks to the pelvic health physio, Clare Bourne, who has a prolapse and has gone on to have a second child.
  • Vaginal Pessaries: A Deep Dive

    Ring, Gellhorn, Donut, Cube, Shaatz, Gehrung: they might sound like Trolls' characters, but they are, in fact, types of vaginal pessaries. Helen speaks to the pessary expert and 'Pelvic Angel', Gaynor Morgan for an overview of what's available, how to try one and the incredible story of how she came to invent her own.
  • Pop Club 2

    Pop Club is back! Helen catches up with 'Skye' and 'Jess' -- friends with pelvic organ prolapse who keep each other smiling. There's a new baby, talk of surgery and reflections on birth trauma and mental health...and a ban on mirrors.
  • Pelvic Floor Gadgets (Vadgets)

    Wands. Cones. Probes. Biofeedback. Stimulators. Shorts. Apps. Weights. Chairs. Video Games?! Helen speaks to the pelvic health physiotherapist and self-confessed gadget nerd, Amanda Savage, for an overview of pelvic floor tech.
  • Peace's Story

    Helen is joined by Peace Bailey, a mother of two who lives in Spain and blogs about moving there from the UK. She shares posts on Instagram about motherhood, race and faith. But she's also chosen to speak out about nighttime urinary incontinence, or bed wetting, which she experienced after childbirth. They discuss the stigma around pelvic floor dysfunction, how hard it is to access good information, and how mums owe it to themselves to get help.
  • Between The Sheets: Sex & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

    Sex with pelvic floor problems. We're going there! Intimacy after childbirth is one thing but how do you begin to navigate that if you have incontinence or prolapse or pelvic pain? Helen and the pelvic health physiotherapist Jilly Bond discuss the issues women with pelvic floor dysfunction can face in the bedroom, both physically and mentally.
  • Chantelle's Story

    Helen meets up with Chantelle Sandham, a mum from Manchester who is charting her journey with birth injury and bowel incontinence on Instagram as @tears_from_tearing. They discuss birth, treatment, the impact on family life and spa treatments...sort of. (TW: birth injury, forceps, trauma, surgery)
  • Gynae Girl: 'Pelvic health starts from day one'

    Helen catches up with the pelvic physio Tiffany Sequeira (@gynaegirl) who's on a mission to educate! When should we learn about pelvic health? How do we make it more inclusive? And how do we get past the taboo?
  • Emma Barnett: 'I have a hypertonic pelvic floor'

    Helen is joined by the award-winning broadcaster and journalist Emma Barnett who says a hypertonic pelvic floor is one of the 'most upsetting’ things she’s ever been through. They talk about awareness, a need for research and how ‘women’s issues’ don’t always get the platform they deserve.
  • Bonus Episode: Rachel Horne

    You thought it was all over. It is now! Helen rounds off the series with Rachel Horne, News Presenter for The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio. Rachel gives an honest and moving account of traumatic birth, facing up to her urinary incontinence, marathon training...and screaming in the woods.
  • Pop Club!

    Helen catches up with her 'Pop Club' - three friends with pelvic organ prolapse who keep each other smiling. There's talk of difficult births, pelvic pain, surgery and pessaries...and bonding over broken vaginas at a local coffee shop.
  • Sarah's Story

    Helen meets the freelance writer, Sarah Haselwood, who's lived with pelvic pain since the birth of her first son 7 years ago. Sarah talks about her traumatic birth, her long journey to diagnose a tight pelvic floor and the jaw-dropping treatment which gave her back her life.
  • Finding Fitness

    How do you find a new path to fitness when prolapse or incontinence is holding you back? How do you get past The Fear and learn to move again? How do you break a sweat without losing your insides? Helen meets Emma Brockwell, a specialist women's health physio, co-writer of the first guidelines for postnatal women returning to running and co-founder of the pelvic health campaign, Pelvic Roar.
  • Luce's Story

    Helen meets the London author, Luce Brett, who became incontinent after the birth of her first son. Luce talks about dealing with the shock and embarrassment of urinary incontinence and prolapse at the age of 30. She shares her journey through physio and surgery, her thoughts on turning the stigma on its head...and measuring wee in a takeaway cup.
  • The Head Game

    What are the mental health implications of pelvic floor dysfunction? How do you get your head around the emotional impact of conditions like prolapse, incontinence or pelvic pain and find a new happy? Helen meets Dr Rebecca Moore, a perinatal psychiatrist and co-founder of the campaign Make Birth Better.
  • Ainsley's Story

    The Manchester actress, Ainsley Howard, invites Helen over to her house for this week's episode of Why Mums Don't Jump. You may know her as the voice of Fizzy in the animated TV series, Digby Dragon. She's also a mum to a pre-schooler with a second baby on the way and she explains why she's not afraid to talk about her experience of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Pelvic Floor Problems 101

    If you're new to leaks and lumps, this is the place to start! Helen and the Manchester-based women’s health physio, Katie Syrett, romp through some of the most common pelvic floor problems. They go back to basics on incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain, as well as discussing what really happens during a physio assessment and what we can expect from (shhh) menopause.
  • The Ass Kick: My Story

    Far too many women are suffering in silence with pelvic floor dysfunction, too embarrassed to seek help for prolapse, incontinence or pelvic pain. Helen shares her experience with her best friend, Cath. She’s ready to laugh, cry and cringe her way to recovery or acceptance. She just needs some help to get started.
  • Series 1 Trailer

    Honest chat about incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain. Not a trampoline in sight. Helen Ledwick meets other mums who are struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction and hears from the health professionals who live and breathe pelvic floors.


"Hi. I'm Helen Ledwick. I started this podcast when my pelvic organs took a nosedive."

The blog

The lowdown on lumps and leaks and words of wisdom from the experts who live and breathe pelvic floors.

Links & resources

I've found it hard to find much in the way of support for people with pelvic floor dysfunction. Here are a few links I've pulled together.

The doodles

Cat Pearson is a doodler, designer and mum based in east London. After crying and laughing her way through Series One, Cat hooked up with Helen to help her bring more positive and honest stories to life through illustration.