Sarah Jayne Dunn

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<Trigger warning: description of birth including ventouse delivery, episiotomy, retained placenta, anal fissures.>

In this episode, Helen and the actress Sarah Jayne Dunn talk about postpartum recovery and how hard that can be, especially if things haven't gone exactly to plan. They discuss our lack of knowledge about what our bodies have been through, and the challenge of finding the right support to get us back to where we want to be.

Known for her role as Mandy in the British drama, Hollyoaks, Sarah is the host of the Hot and Bothered Podcast; and a star of Only Fans. She's also a fitness instructor who qualified in pre and postnatal fitness around the same time as she was expecting her son, around seven years ago. She speaks openly about her experience of birth and the difficult recovery that followed; how she found her own path back to strength and fitness; and a new found love of pole-dancing!
'We need to be informed, whatever that looks like....I'd be much more clued up if I had another child, but I wasn't before. It's all about the pregnancy and it's all about the birth and then it's like...and BANG.'
Sarah Jayne Dunn is @sarahjaynedunn on Instagram and Twitter

The Female Fitness Academy, mentioned by Sarah is now called Sigma Woman and can be found here

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