Sophie Power

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Returning to running postpartum is one thing. Then add pelvic floor problems to the mix. Now imagine you're an ultra-runner who likes to do 100-plus mile races. This is Sophie Power.

Since a photo of her breastfeeding her baby mid-race went viral, Sophie has been working to empower more women to get active. Then she made a film about her postpartum return to running only to discover - on camera - that she has pelvic organ prolapse.

Helen talks to Sophie about pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and her journey back to fitness after childbirth - despite being told she may never run again - and how important it is that mums are helped to reach their goals, whatever they are. 
There's so much research that shows that the mums activity level is linked through their children's.  So if we want to have active children, we need to be active ourselves and we need help to be active. And what we need to do is make sure that women demand that care and demand that referral
Sophie Power is @ultra_sophie on Instagram
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Helen talks about NHS England's plans to improve pelvic health by 2024, in part by making specialists clinics available to all. You can read more here 

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