Ending the Pelvic Floor Taboo, with Dr Catherine Blackledge

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Pelvic floor problems are surrounded by stigma and shame, but have you ever wondered why? Why do we find anything remotely related to our genitalia so embarrassing? And if we didn't, what difference would it make to how we feel?

Helen meets Dr Catherine Blackledge, a scientist, journalist, sex and fertility education advocate and author. In 2003 she published a book to celebrate everything about the vagina, Raising the Skirt: the Unsung Power of the Vagina (originally published as The Story of V).

In this episode, Helen and Catherine explore historical attitudes towards female genitalia and the importance of language, when even the words we use have a literal root in the Latin for ‘shame’. They look back to a time when the vulva was feared and revered and ask 'what changed?'.

You can find Catherine's website here 
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