Having Another Baby After Prolapse

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Having another baby when you have pelvic organ prolapse is a big one. There are just so many unknowns. Will pregnancy make your prolapse worse? Would it be better to have a caesarian? Can you do anything to protect yourself? Helen speaks to the pelvic health physio Clare Bourne who opens up about her experience of prolapse:
'Even if you know the research, even if you know everything could be ok at some point in the future, in that moment nothing feels fine. It's like you're given this death sentence of "this is your life now".'
Clare has gone on to have a second child and tells Helen about her experience of birth, healing and doing it all again. They talk about how to approach pregnancy the next time around, the importance of staying active and about re-writing the narrative around prolapse:
'When you come down to it, yes there are changes to those walls, yes there are changes to where those pelvic organs are for some people. However that doesn't mean we're going to live like this forever. And it's that conversation that I think is sometimes missing.'
Clare is @clarebournephysio on Instagram

Holistic Core Restore is the pelvic-floor-safe fitness programme mentioned in this episode.

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