Getting the Most From Your GP Appointment, With Dr Aziza Sesay

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How do you get the most out of your GP appointment if you have symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction? Whether it's urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunction or chronic pelvic pain - how do you maximise your (all-too-brief) consultation to get the help you need?

In this episode Helen speaks to Dr Aziza Sesay, a GP with a special interest in women’s health and an educator, who shares evidence-based health information on social media and through her website: ‘Talks with Dr. Sesay'.

Dr Aziza explains how to help your doctor help you - with suggestions on what to prepare, what questions to ask and what to do if you feel you're not being listened to. She lifts the lid on vaginal examinations and reimagines a world where women's health is made a priority. Oh and there's a farting chair. Yep.

Dr Aziza is @talkswithdrsesay on Instagram

You can find the the NICE guidelines for the prevention, assessment and non-surgical management of pelvic floor dysfunction here

You can read more about Perinatal Pelvic Health Services here

This episode is from Series 5 of Why Mums Don't Jump

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