The Lowdown on Pelvic Pain

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You might have heard the term 'pelvic pain' but what does it really mean? And how does it relate to pelvic floor problems after childbirth? 
In this episode Helen speaks to Virginia Rivers Bulkeley, a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist and an expert in postnatal pelvic floor dysfunction and persistent pelvic pain. 

Virginia explains what can cause persistent pelvic pain, what it feels like and what treatments are available. She talks about what it means to have a hypertonic, aka overactive, aka high tone (!) pelvic floor, where painful sex (dyspareunia) fits in and the impact of it all on women's lives. 

'We know it's around one-in-four women that can be affected by this kind of persistent pain to some degree, and we know it can be hugely impactful. Whether it stops you being able to fully go to work as you'd want to; fully involved in recreational activities that bring you physical and mental health benefits; family life or relationships - the whole person can be affected.'

Virginia is @BulkeleyV on Twitter

For more information about persistent pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscle relaxation strategies, please see the links below




Find a UK physiotherapist here:  https://thepogp.co.uk/patients/physiotherapists/

This episode is from Series 4 of Why Mums Don't Jump

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