Strong Like Mum, with Shakira Akabusi

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How do you safely return to exercise when you have pelvic floor problems? Maybe you're afraid to make a prolapse worse, or you leak when you run or jump. Maybe you've been advised to avoid running, jumping or lifting, and if so, how do you find a way to feel strong again?

Helen speaks to the pre and postnatal exercise specialist Shakira Akabusi - founder of the maternal wellness platform, Strong Like Mum, public speaker, author and TV fitness expert. They discuss postpartum rehabilitation, the power in taking things slowly, and the role that fitness professionals can play in helping mums with pelvic floor dysfunction.

"I have never been stronger than I have after having a baby. Because the really special thing that pregnancy and postpartum gives you is this opportunity to really look at the foundations in a way that I never did when I was a teenager or in my twenties." 

Shakira is @shakira.akabusi on Instagram

Shakira's book: The Strong Like Mum Method is available here

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