Bonus Episode: EveryWoman Festival 2024

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Everywoman is back!

After a sparkling launch in 2023, the Everywoman Festival is returning to Cardiff on Saturday June 15th, 2024! 

The festival is about offering empowerment, support and education on health topics that may be difficult or considered taboo to talk about. This year there'll be a whopping six tents, with more than sixty expert speakers, drop-ins and workshops covering topics including menopause, pelvic health, sexual health, IBS, endometriosis, gender health inequalities, cancer survivorship and chronic conditions, as well as drop-in sessions, support groups, music, street food, burlesque and booby pompons!

Helen is an ambassador for the festival and in this special, bonus episode she's joined by fellow ambassadors: the GP and health educator Dr Aziza Sesay; pelvic health physiotherapist and creator of #SqueezeAlong, Suzanne Vernazza; Love Your Period founder and an activist living with a brain tumour, Molly Fenton; and Everywoman founder and colorectal consultant, Julie Cornish. They share their highlights from 2023 and what they're looking forward to this year.

You can buy tickets from The Everywoman Festival website

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