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Hello. You might have already clocked that today's episode is going to be a lot shorter than normal - tonnes going on at the moment. And for reasons I won't bore you with, I'm afraid I haven't managed to get the planned episode ready for today.

I'm really sorry about that. Life and such and loads of things. But I do, however, have something from a listener coming up which will make you smile.

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So last year, I was contacted by a listener, Jackie Power, aka the Therapeutic Poet of the Therapeutic Poet Podcast, and she shared a poem with me that I know will give you a giggle. She kindly let me share it again today.


Do you peepee during PT?

Is your pelvic floor in the basement?

Do you cross your legs each time you sneeze?

Have your lady bits had a displacement?

Are you lamenting your star jumps are numbered, your burpees not perky no more?

Those latchkey moments too close a shave as you try to rush through the front door?

Do you think you're resigned to Pilates?

Boot camper thing of the past?

Is it only the broadband in your house that could now be counted as fast?

Embrace this new phase with gusto - adaption is what we must do,

Who can help us without any fuss, though?

Why! Your gyne physio, that's who!

They won't take the piss, (that's a bad pun).

They'll keep you strong, trim and still fit.

You don't have to suffer in silence,

So do what you must,

But don't quit.


Love it. And if you want more of that, hunt down a copy of Jackie's book, which is Stop the World, I Want To Get Off: Poetry for When You Want to Leave the Planet But Don't Have Billions to Build a Rocket.

I will be back next week. In fact, I have two more spectacular episodes planned for this season, which I know you're going to love, so please do look out for those. Sorry again about today. I will see you next week.

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