Jan's Story

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Helen chats to Dr Jan Russell, a listener with a prolapse, a coach, a grandmother, an author and, in her own words, 'a feisty old crone'. Jan talks about pelvic organ prolapse after menopause and the shock of finding out the day before her 60th birthday cruise:
'I was alarmed. I'd got visions of me being in my glad rags and dancing on the wonderful ballroom floor on this amazing ship, really not knowing what would happen next with my pelvic organs!'
Helen and Jan talk about getting past the blame and the shame, learning how to manage it all with good humour and advocating for our own health:
'We do know our bodies, don't we. So fight for your body. Fight for your body. Put that feistiness into it. You are worth looking after.'
Jan is @drjanrussell on Instagram

Jan mentioned working with the personal trainer, Lisa Gimenez-Codd, from OptiMum Health. You can find her here

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