Emma Barnett: 'I have a hypertonic pelvic floor'

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A hypertonic pelvic floor is where the muscles are so tight they can’t relax. It can happen after childbirth. It can be incredibly painful. And we can add it to a long list of things we’ve never heard of but probably should.

In this episode, Helen is joined by the award-winning broadcaster and journalist Emma Barnett who says a hypertonic pelvic floor is one of the ‘most upsetting’ things she’s ever been through. Emma’s not afraid to smash stigmas. She's literally written the book on periods and spoken openly about living with endometriosis. But a tight pelvic floor? She’d just never come across it.
‘I would have loved to have heard this conversation when my son was around three months old and I was scrabbling about on the internet late at night thinking ‘Am I losing my mind here?’
Helen and Emma talk about awareness, a need for research and how ‘women’s issues’ don’t always get the platform they deserve.

Emma presents Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4 in the UK and is a regular on BBC 2's Newsnight
You can find Emma's book 'It's About Bloody Time. Period.' here
She's @emmabarnett on Instagram and @Emmabarnett on Twitter

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To find a pelvic health physiotherapist in the UK, Emma mentioned Mummy MOT or you could try the Squeezy Directory

For more information and support about Endometriosis, go to Endometriosis UK

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