Chantelle's Story

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(TW: birth injury, forceps, trauma, surgery)

Bowel incontinence after childbirth. It's a taboo within a taboo. But it's not uncommon. The charity, MASIC (Mothers with Anal Sphincter Injuries in Childbirth) says 1 in 10 women who have a vaginal delivery will have problems holding either poo or wind.

In this episode, Helen meets up with Chantelle, a mum from Manchester who is charting her journey with birth injury and bowel or faecal incontinence on Instagram as @tears_from_tearing. They discuss a difficult birth, treatment, supporting other mums and how we shouldn't be ashamed to talk about it:
‘Everybody poos. It's a normal bodily function. It's just...mine's gone a bit wrong at the minute’

Chantelle is @tears_from_tearing on Instagram

The charity MASIC can be found here

The Birth Trauma Association website is here

Find Helen @whymumsdontjump on Instagram and Twitter or at www.whymumsdontjump.com

This episode is from Series 2 of Why Mums Don't Jump

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