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Why Mums Don't Jump now has a shop! It's a curated range of products and services that I hope will help you manage your pelvic floor symptoms, and get you back to being you :)

Screenshot of the WMDJ Shop
Screenshot of the WMDJ Shop

From pelvic floor trainers to books, clothing and online courses- these are all things that I've either tried myself, or have been recommended by the WMDJ community, and I'm really excited to bring them all into one space!

How does it work?

This is an affiliate store, which means that a special tracking code is used and WMDJ receives a commission from each sale, at no extra cost to you.

I'm hoping it will help to support WMDJ - so that the podcast remains freely available to anyone who needs it, and I can continue to signpost information and support, as well as campaigning to end the taboo around pelvic floor problems after childbirth - like incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain.

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Linked Episodes

One very cool feature is that I've been able to link items directly to related episodes of the podcast. I know how confusing it is to try to understand how different pelvic health products are supposed to work, who they're for and whether they're worth a try. So, where it's relevant, I'm hoping this extra insight or information will help to bring some clarity.

This is not about finding a magic fix (I wish it was), but more of a toolkit that might help you along the way. And obviously none of it is intended as a replacement for medical advice, so please consult with your healthcare provider before you try something new.

It's a work in progress (aren't we all), so let me know what you think! And get yourself on the email list to find out about new products and to access exclusive discount codes.

Lastly, I can't go without saying a HUGE thank you to my ever patient husband, Paul, for his technical genius, and to Cat Pearson, for the design support and cheerleading. None of this would happen without you.

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Links & resources

I've found it hard to find much in the way of support for people with pelvic floor dysfunction. Here are a few links I've pulled together.
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The doodles

Cat Pearson is a doodler, designer and mum based in east London. After crying and laughing her way through Series One, Cat hooked up with Helen to help her bring more positive and honest stories to life through illustration.
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