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One of the things that has made a huge difference to my feelings about pelvic organ prolapse has been meeting other women who are going through the same thing. My ‘Pop Club’ has kept me sane. For those of you searching for your own, this is for you!

Three women laugh and joke. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Until it happened to me I had never even heard of a prolapse. Nobody talked about it. I felt like I was the only person in the world going through it. It was a really lonely place to be.

In 2018 I quietly reached out on Instagram and before I knew it, a woman on the other side of the world had put me in touch with another mum with a prolapse who was local to me! We met in a Manchester cafe on a rainy Friday morning. She brought along a friend (who also had a prolapse) and we all brought our pre-school children. Our Pop Club was formed and we hit it off immediately. When your vaginal woes are the opening topic of conversation, there is very little you can’t discuss!

Two women and a child celebrate. Thought bubbles show pessaries and female reproductive system.
Pop Club! By catherinepearson.ie

We’ve all had different experiences - surgery, a new baby, the usual ups and downs of life - but sharing our stories has helped me feel more ‘normal’, less alone, less fearful and frustrated. And who couldn't use another friend or two?

Other women told me they too would like a Pop Club so I put a post on my grid where people could connect. It’s far from elegant but it works:

There are groups springing up all over the place, meeting in person where possible, as well as on Whatsapp groups. London, Ayrshire, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Devon, even as far away as Canada. So if you too would like to meet your local Pop Club, please scan down the comments of that post and look for someone from your area. If there isn’t anyone, add your name. There’s nothing official about it. Just women supporting women. Good luck!

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