Why Mums Don't Jump: Ending the Pelvic Floor Taboo

by Helen Ledwick


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From Helen: Why Mums Don't Jump, the book, is based on the podcast, and built around the stories of some of the brave and badass women I've had the privilege of recording with. You'll hear my own story in there too, as well as advice from expert voices.

I really hope it finds its way to everyone who has struggled in silence or shame with incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain, as well as the people who love them, or want to understand.

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The Ass Kick: My Story

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Far too many women are suffering in silence with pelvic floor dysfunction, too embarrassed to seek help for prolapse, incontinence or pelvic pain. Helen shares her experience with her best friend, Cath. She’s ready to laugh, cry and cringe her way to recovery or acceptance. She just needs some help to get started.

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This episode is from Series 1 of Why Mums Don't Jump

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