Contiform Pessary for Stress Incontinence

by Contiform


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Contiform is a reusable vaginal pessary for stress incontinence, which looks like a large hollow tampon. Contoured for discreet and comfortable wear, it supports the urethra, restoring natural anatomy and providing immediate and lasting control of urine leakage. When used regularly alongside pelvic floor exercises, Contiform promotes long-term muscle tone improvement.

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Vaginal Pessaries: A Deep Dive

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Ring, Gellhorn, Donut, Cube, Shaatz, Gehrung. They might sound like Trolls' characters, but they are, in fact, types of vaginal pessaries. A pessary is a plastic or silicone device which can be inserted into the vagina to help support the pelvic organs after prolapse or to help with incontinence. They've been around since time began (almost) and come in so many different shapes and sizes it can put your head in a spin.

In this episode, Helen speaks to the pessary expert and 'Pelvic Angel', Gaynor Morgan for an overview of what's available, how to try one and the incredible story of how she came to invent her own. Gaynor, who also teaches Pfilates (pelvic floor pilates), says for some women, the right pessary can make a huge difference: 
'Some of these women have gone from suicidal to 100 percent back to being 'normal' again...but again a pessary is just a tool. I always advocate that you need physiotherapy - pelvic floor training. Let’s get that pelvic floor up to the strength it needs to be.'
Gaynor reveals how incontinence affected her mum's mental health, her impactful legacy and why pessaries won't work for everyone.

Gaynor is @pelvicangel on Instagram. You can find her website here.

For a written guide to vaginal pessaries, read this fantastic blog. 

Check out the new UK guidelines for patients and clinicians, which were mentioned in this episode.

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